MBM Lychen GmbH has been a manufacturer of precise and sophisticated metal drawing parts for 60 years.
At two locations we manufacture mechanical engineering parts according to your individual technical requirements and are able to produce small and large turned or milled parts quickly and efficiently.
Our wide product range reduces your number of suppliers, as various mechanical products can be purchased directly from us.


We manufacture bar parts from Ø 5 mm to Ø 65 mm in diameter with three CNC turn-mill centers. These machine tools are each equipped with two star turrets, short bar loaders, counter spindles and part pick-offs and enable the process-reliable production of turned-milled parts. With traveling centers, these machines can produce shaft parts up to 250 mm in length.
We use four CNC lathes to produce shaft and chuck parts. The lathes are equipped with driven tools, tailstocks and hydraulic steady rests. We use them to produce components with diameters ranging from Ø 5 mm to Ø 350 mm. The component lengths range from 3 mm to 1.450 mm.

Burr-free turned parts for the food sector...
...made of 1.4301 with milled scale engraving.
Milled parts for vehicle construction...
...with toleranced bearing seats.


With two CNC 3-axis milling machines and two CNC 5-axis machining centers, we manufacture milled and milled-turned parts. With our milling machines, we achieve reproducible form and position tolerances of two hundredths of a millimeter and better.
Component sizes common to us range from 2 x 10 x 20 mm to 400 x 500 x 1,400 mm, with unit weights normally up to 20 kg. However, we can also machine components up to 250 kg unit weight, depending on customer requirements.


We produce almost mirror-like surfaces and high-precision fits up to and including ISO tolerance field 5 with an external cylindrical grinding machine. The workpiece diameter can be up to Ø 300 mm and the maximum length 1.000 mm. However, the component should not weigh more than 125 kg.
By means of surface grinding, we can produce smooth and flat component surfaces in the hundredths range*. The working area of our surface grinding machine is 200 x 600 x 400 mm. The component weight is limited to 50 kg.

Ground and nitrided grinding wheel holders
Axles with ground bearing seats

Surface And Material Treatment

The areas of application for our products are diverse. For protection and also for optical reasons, coatings are usually unavoidable. In order to achieve the required surface quality, we use the expertise of our cooperation partners. We have our products painted, galvanized, chromated, burnished, anodized, cathodic dip painted and zinc-nickel coated, among others.
The high demands placed on our products often mean that we have to change the material properties of the base material. The surface layer is strengthened by smooth rolling or blasting with solids. Heat treatment is carried out by our highly specialized cooperation partners. Among others, the following processes are used: Annealing, normalizing, setting, hardening, tempering, ageing, quenching and tempering, and nitriding.

Quality And Service

Perfection and precision are under constant control at our company. Depending on the complexity of the component and your requirements, the products of the respective batch are randomly tested.
A retrofit certificate enables us to procure materials and process safety-critical components. In addition, we create product-specific measurement protocols, prepare long-term supplier declarations and manufacture environmentally friendly products in accordance with Directive 2011/65/EU.
To ensure that the finished products arrive at their destination undamaged, we pack them securely and ship them according to your requirements.